Sunday, November 27, 2022

Malibu Beach - Part 2


Our stay at Malibu Beach RV Park is coming to an end.

We'll miss the beautiful scenery in all directions from our cliffside "home".

The waves at night with the changing tide sound like rolling thunder.

Brown Pelican gliding in the wave trough.

Whimbrel sorts through the foam for breakfast.

Where sky and water meet.
Double-crested Cormorants, Brown Pelican and Western Gull resting area during calm seas

Great Egret feeding along beach shrubline.

Solstice Canyon Santa Monica Mountain National Recreation Area

Coastal Canyons provide excellant habitat diversity, 
food, water, shelter and space for a variety of wildlife.

Rock outcrops, chaparral grasslands

Spring fed stream source

Forest trails along stream

Early morning coveys of California Quail calling, feeding on seeds, insects and grit.

Hiking to and locating source of a quail-like call, found 4 Japanese quail.
Excapees or more likely dumped off.
These exotic species due to their color and being captive raised will be vulnerable to predation.

Red-tailed Hawk is a likely predator

Hummingbird Trumpet or California Fuchsia

Toyon Berries - favorite of Thrushes

Wintering Hermit Thrush

California Towhee

Western specialty - Rufous-crowned Sparrow

Nuttall's Woodpecker creating a cavity

California Thrasher calling on territory

Golden-crowned Sparrow, another western specialty

Fox Sparrow numbers increased throughout the month

Nanday Parakeets behavior and antics - 
enjoyable and educational to observe.
Cracking Western Black Walnuts open,


A quick smooch!

Settles into Oak Tree canopy

Carries off Acorn

Enjoying fruits of his labor

Laural Sumac

Flocks of Bushtits  - never solitary.

Oak Titmouse

Desert Starvine


Juvenile Sharp-shinned Hawk 

California Scrub-Jay

Malibu Beach looking toward Point Dume (farthest point)

Breath-taking sunset same view around 5 pm

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving for we have much to thank God for.
Love & Prayers,
Ty & Ida Baumann

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Malibu Beach, California


As we were packing up leaving Northridge, this Praying Mantid caught our eye.

Now he's giving us the eye.

Lesser Goldfinch

Red-breasted Sapsucker

Western Kingbird

We stopped at Malibu Creek State Park on the way to the ocean.

Spotted Towhee

Another Spotted Towhee coming in for a landing.

Wintering House Wren

California Towhee

Looking east from our RV site at Malibu Beach, We are about 200 feet above the Pacific Ocean and the very busy Pacific Coast Highway 1.

Looking west from our RV site.

One of a pair of local Red-tailed Hawks seen daily.

A pair of Fox Sparrows (look closely) observed in Solstice Canyon.
The canyon is about a half mile from the RV park with numerous nature trails.

Male Nuttall's Woodpecker

Coast Live Oak acorns

Raven with acorns

California Scrub-Jay with two acorns

Acorn Woodpecker with guess what?

Nanday Parakeets (formerly Black-hooded) daily flight over the RV Park and into Solstice Canyon
advertise their approach with very noisy calls.

Parakeets exploring nesting cavities.

Nandays cuddle and mutual grooming

Parakeets feeding on California Sycamore achenes

Scrub-Jay watching circling Red-tailed Hawk

Red-tailed Hawk soaring above Jay

Say's Phoebe next to the RV.

Breath-taking sunrise greets us almost every day looking toward LA.

Flowering plants with thorns cover much of the chaparral steep mountainsides.

California Manroot thorn covered seed pod (wild cucumber family)

Wild Italian Thistle spear - everything has thorns!

Singing California Thrasher

Yellow-rumped (Audubon's) Warbler, most common passerine encountered.

Marbled Godwits 200 feet below our RV Park

Marbled Godwits feeding in the surf


Black-bellied Plover extends as high tide wave rolls in

Whimbrel searches aquatic plants for invertebrates

Non-Bird of Paradise adorns RV Park

Just another brillant sunrise every day a blessing from God.
Love & Prayers,
Ty & Ida Baumann