Thursday, January 18, 2018

Lake Okeechobee Plus

Channel to Lake Okeechobee

Common Yellowthroat

We are staying at South Bay RV Campground for the month of January and find that wildlife is plentiful all around the area.  We also rode back to Clewiston and south on 835 which is great to find birds.
Tricolored Heron hides out

Painted Bunting

Crested Caracara in Palm Tree

Belted Kingfisher

Male Snail Kite

Female Snail Kite grabs an Apple Snail

Taking the snail back to the "table"

Old Anhinga nest is a great eating place

Snail Kite tries to keep balance on flimsy branch

Snail Kite calling to the 12 others nearby

One of the numerous large Alligators sunning along the canals

Banded Water Snake ready to shed it's skin - note blue eye scales

Red-shouldered Hawk

Confused Cattle Egret

Great Blue Heron - big mouthful 

Courting Great Blue Herons

White Ibis, Little Blue Heron & Snowy Egret

Marsh Rabbit

Anhinga spears Threadfin Shad

Osprey lines nest with Spanish Moss

The old fishing hole

Night Catfish catch by RV'ers fishermen

Cooter laying eggs on dike

Red-shouldered Hawk with caterpillar snack

Barn Owl peeks out just after sunset

God closes out another beautiful day
Love & Prayers,
Ty & Ida Baumann

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

From Fort Myers to South Bay at Lake Okeechobee

Great Blue Heron shakes it off

Our last week at Fort Myers Beach was spent with friends celebrating Christmas and New Year's Eve Day.  We enjoyed two months here and especially the great worship services at 1st Assembly of God where Dan Betzer is the senior pastor. 
Wood Duck Pond at Six Mile Cypress Slough

Pied-billed Grebe eyes his reflection

Our last birding outing for 2017 was to Six Mile Cypress Slough Reserve in east Fort Myers.
Limpkin lands right next to the boardwalk trail

Cottonmouth / Water Moccasin finds a sunny log to warm up

Ancient Bald Cypress Tree survived the hurricane

It was hard to say good-bye to "our" nesting eagles at Indian Creek RV Resort, plus the ospreys and other birds;  and the many people we met.
Fish Crow gives stoic Bald Eagle a hard time

Wood Stork gulps down breakfast

Mourning Dove on our RV

Ospreys get busy

We traveled to and through 20 states in 2017 and observed 491 species of birds.  It's a new start now for 2018!  We drove east to Lake Okeechobee where we will spend January at South Bay Campground.


Our birding list started at dawn on January 1st; we drove south of Clewiston on Highway 835 and found over 50 species of birds for a great start.
Belted Kingfisher in Brazilian Pepper 

Feral Hogs - big problem for Florida

Western Flycatcher comes east to winter

Rare visitor from Texas - Scissors-tailed Flycatcher

Scissors-tailed Flycatcher

Yellow-crowned Night-heron

Common Loon arrives at Lake Okeechobee from up north

Pink Apple Snail eggs on Pickerel Weed

Am. Kestrel bombards Red-Shouldered Hawk

Red-shouldered Hawk

Black Vultures try cleaning up a dead Cooter Turtle

Cattle Egret grabs a quick snake lunch

American Kestrel

Crested Caracara - taxiing for take-off

Take off over the dike at Lake O.  Crested Caracara

We made it through the coldest week in Florida that set some record lows.  We didn't get below freezing here but 2/3rd's of the state did.

Looking forward to our next three months in Florida and many, many birds and other wildlife to find.

Love & Prayers,
Ty & Ida Baumann

Sunset over South Bay Campground