Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Canadian Rockies

 We have been traveling through the never-ending winter of Canada.  Everything from hail, to 5-6 inches of heavy snow and 29 degrees (that's below zero in C.)  But the mountains are beautiful and the wildlife has been plentiful. One day yielded: Coyote, wolf, caribou, elk, moose, 7 black bears, (one black sow with 2 cinnamon cubs), 18 Wood Bison, and snowshoe Hare.
We have had our adventures (trials) one flat tire, and large rock in a windshield patched with tape to be replaced when we can find time from birding.
We are now in the Yukon about to enter Alaska.  Greeting to all, God bless you.  Ty &  Ida


  1. How Exciting Ty & Ida:-) jan

  2. Sounds like you are having quite the adventure on your travels to Alaska! Troy and I are home and have a large birding list from our trip! Please stay safe and have fun! We are so excited about all your great photos!