Wednesday, July 27, 2011

From Canada to Washington

 We stayed three rainy days in Prince Rupert, this Black-tailed deer visited us each day, sometimes with family.  We birded the island coast in the fog and mist, seeing 40+ Rhinoceros Auklets, and a few other sea birds.  We took the opportunity to have service done on the RV, filters, oil. etc.
Moving south to escape rain, high prices (gas & food). rain, lack of new bird species, rain, the metric system, rain, and looking forward to being back the good old USA.
Passed through miles of vineyards and orchards in Canada and Washington.  Then bird species and numbers increased exponentially as we traveled the high desert habitats.  Then into the dark rain forest of the Northern Cascades, yes more rain, but not today.  The huge old growth rain forests, as pictured below, festooned with mosses, lichens, ferns was very impressive.  We are enjoying camping among the large trees.  Our plans are to see all five of the volcanos of Washington and then the ocean coast.   Our best to all.  Ty & Ida

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