Friday, June 8, 2012

NW Wisconsin & Minnesota's North Shore

 From Packer Country to the Viking's back yard we made a 3 day stop at Crex Meadows Wildlife Area. This Red Fox let us venture fairly close in the RV being able to shoot this photo through the new binoculars.  We saw many Trumpeter Swans with cygnets and this loon with two young riding high and dry on her back. ( Pictured lower right.)  Crex Meadows never disappoints; we saw Sharp-tailed Grouse, Nelson's & LeConte's Sparrows, Red-necked Grebe, plus Am. & Least Bitterns.  Blandings, Painted & Snapping Turtles were laying eggs along the sandy roads.

While driving north toward Lake Superior we encountered 2 Black Bears on the forest roads.

 Taking the Circle Tour from Duluth to the Canadian Border, we explored miles of the Lake Superior rocky coastline.  We camped at three State Parks and hiked in 5 more parks along the way.  Each one had unique waterfalls with millions of gallons of root beer colored foamy water cascading into the Lake. The color is due to swamp tannic acid and iron bearing rocks.

The north woods continues to impress us with winged creatures:  7 species of butterflies including these Tiger Swallowtails and 16 species of warblers singing on breeding grounds.

The forest floors are carpeted with an abundance of wild flowers.  We are looking forward to our adventures in Canada for the summer.

Ty & Ida

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  1. Great photos! I am going to try the through-the-glasses trick!