Friday, November 9, 2012


 Our first stop was Tybee Island east of Savannah, Georgia at River's End RV Park.  We had some great birds within walking distance from the park. We saw 53 Am. Oystercatchers and 100's of Black Skimmers, Sandwich and Royal Terns plus Lesser Black-backed Gulls.  Horseshoe Crabs were being washed up on the beach in the rough surf like this large one pictured.  Bottled-nosed Dolphins played and caught fish near the shore; surfacing, jumping, rollings and tail waving.
We decided to "Hyde" out on Jekyll Island as Hurricane Sandy passed by 200 miles out to sea.  Before it came north, we found all these Fiddler Crabs marching along the upper beach.  For the next 3 days this area was completely covered by high surf from the storm.
 With the low pressure, high winds and terrifically high surf, we found a very interesting sight.  Over 5,000 Tree Swallows swirling and landing on the beach scrub brush, then erupting to swirl again.  Here is the video, which we hope you can access so you can share in this phenomenal experience.
Jekyll Island is a very unique, historical island, beautifully kept mostly undeveloped.  The campground had a "Bird Sanctuary" where we watch 24 species of birds come to the feeding and watering areas.  On this small island we found 77 species in the 5 days we spent here.

Being near the Jacksonville TV reception area we were able to watch the Packer game in Green Bay and see the familiar scenes of "home".  It was great to see the Packers beat the Jags.
As cold air moved southward - we did too, heading to the Okefenokee Swamp staying just north of the National Wildlife Refuge at the Laura S. Walker State Park.  We saw our first Armadillo, found Red-cockaded Woodpeckers, Brown-headed Nuthatches and Com. Ground Doves.  We intercepted this fast moving Gopher Tortoise as it headed to its large underground burrow.

We are now following the Florida coast south.
Our best to all our followers.
Thanks for joining us for our adventures.
God Bless "you all".
Ty & Ida Baumann

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