Saturday, January 26, 2013

More Treasures from "The Treasure Coast"

We ended 2012 at  Port St. Lucie and began 2013 with walks almost daily nearby at "Wood Stork Trail" (trails name sake is at left - aka "old flint-head").

 For you birders - our bird list numbers were 488 for 2012,  609 for our journey list including 24 life birds.

Just so you know, we are not strictly "for the birds", we do note other critters.  This Dog-day Cicada (one of the annual cicadas) was singing in our RV Park and gave us a close up view,  possibly a snack for one of the nearby birds.
 We found this 5" slug (proving you can't always be looking up for birds) on the sidewalk almost underfoot.  (More possible bird food.)

 This large shrub is Dahoon and the locals call it Christmas Berry.  This abundant fruit supply is definitely a major food source for hundreds of Am. Robins and Yellow-rumped Warblers, plus Cedar Waxwings, Cardinals, and Blue Jays.

We took another trip west to the Allopattah Flats. A different habitat produces different birds.  For you non-birders, there are lots of cattle and of course the abundant Cattle Egrets feasting on insect life that the cattle disturb.

While observing a Crested Caracara, (pictured below) this majestic Bald Eagle flew in chasing the caracara off the perch and landed right above us.

Although smaller, the Caracara made off with the prize, a fresh road-kill.
The best treasure has been visits with family, Ty's brother Daryl and his wife Vicki.  We've had great times at church, home and working on projects together for New Hope Missions to Haiti.

A bird must have taken this picture.
Love & Prayers to all.
Ty & Ida Baumann


  1. Hi Ida- It looks like you are having a wonderful time. I would so love to be in Florida in the winter. I do miss the South and hope to be able to winter there at some point.
    God bless you on your stay there. Great picture! Hugs, Diana Kosmoski
    ps. Thanks for the great Christmas letter!

  2. Looking forward to our visit! Great photo of that ugly Wood Stork! Man, those birds are scary!