Monday, November 25, 2013

Butterflies & More from the Rio Grande Valley

Red-bordered Pixie

The first three weeks in November is butterfly heaven in the Rio Grande Valley.  We took day trips to Edinburg Scenic Wetlands Birding Center, Santa Ana NWR, Quinta Mazatlan, and The National Butterfly Center plus right here at Bentsen RGV State Park.  Here's our Butterfly & Insect photo collection....
Ruddy Daggerwing

Tarantula Hawk

Tropical Leafwing

Dusky-blue Hairstreak

Desert Checkerspot

Insect feeding station

Mexican Fritillary

Western Pygmy Blue

Bordered Patch

Great Purple Hairstreak

Empress Leilia


Band-celled Sister

Giant Swallowtail

Isabella's Heliconian

Gulf Fritillary on Turk's Cap

Julia Heliconian

Green Kingfisher

An Amazon Kingfisher was seen 90 miles east of here and we decided that now was the time to see it.  We took off before dawn and at first light heard it calling.  It flew over us to a nearby resaca and we had great looks through the scope, too far away for photos but it looks like this Green Kingfisher only quite a bit larger.

Groove-billed Ani

On the way back west we stopped at Santa Ana and saw 7 Groove-billed Anis and a surprise Rose-throated Becard.

Inca Doves

Happy Thanksgiving from the two of us.
Ty & Ida

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