Friday, September 26, 2014

Last month in Wisconsin

Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary Waterfalls

From August 28th to Sept. 15th we spent time in Green Bay catching up with friends, joining bird walks at the Wildlife Sanctuary, enjoying time at Celebration Church and the Cup 'o Joy.  Not enough space to mention everyone but we sure enjoyed our time visiting with you and seeing all the changes in Green Bay.  Also the necessary things like dentist, eye doctor, shopping at Cabela's and the new Packer Pro Shop.
Shamrock Orbweaver


We headed north and found lots of Broad-winged  Hawks in the National Forests.

We had freezing temps for our night in the north woods, decorating the ferns with frost.

We drove to Superior and joined WSO birders for "Jaegerfest" on Wisconsin Point.  We arrived each day for magnificent sunrises.

American Golden Plover

Franklin's Gull

Over 80 birders lined the beach to watch for migrants to cross the water from Canada.  We had great sightings including all three Jaeger species, Sabine's, Franklin's, Lesser Black-backed and Boneparte's Gulls, Red-throated Loon, Surf Scoter's, Sanderlings, and Am. Golden Plovers.

We had a Red Fox hunting before dawn along Moccasin Mike Road on the way to the Point.

It was a fun week and we totaled 102 species of birds for the Point plus adding a few at our RV park including a Harris's Sparrow.
Young Yellow-rumped Warbler

Pied-billed Grebe

We then drove to Douglas County Management Area where we found 6 Sharp-tailed Grouse. Then onto Crex Meadows for a Sparrow fest with 9 species including a Nelson's.  Lots of ducks, swans and geese filled the flowages.  Sandhill Cranes were in all the fields.
Trumpeter Swan family

We drove back east across the state through beautiful Autumn colored trees.  Absolutely beautiful!  Spent a beautiful day and 2 nights birding the forest roads east of Three Lakes finding more than we had hoped for.  Spruce Grouse (pictured), Boreal Chickadees, Gray Jays, 2 Black-backed Woodpeckers, and . . . . 2 Timber Wolves that crossed the road between us.

Well after a few more days in Wisconsin we will be on the road again.  We are enjoying all that God has created in the birds, plants, flowers, and animals that we encounter.

May God bless all who read this.
Ida & Ty Baumann

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  1. I suppose you'll be heading South with the birds, from the frost and foliage photos.