Tuesday, April 7, 2015

From the Gulf to Wisconsin

A few days at the beach is just what was needed before heading north to cooler temps.  Many birds were lingering along the shoreline at Caravelle's Ho Hum RV Park such as this spring clad Laughing Gull.  We had many Marbled Godwits and Red Knots also molting into their finest.
Red Knot

Emerald Moth

Bald Eagle

Redhead Duck - head close up

Hooded Warbler (abundant)

We spent 2 days at St. George Island State Park where an Oak/Pine/Palm Hammock drew in migrants from across the gulf.
Indigo Bunting

Louisiana Waterthrush

Prothonotary Warbler

St. George's Island is 9 miles of beautiful dunes and beaches where we will try birding during the peak migration some day.

We drove to the Florida Caverns State Park, beautiful Spring flowers lined the roadways such as this Yellow Pitcher Plant.
Yellow Pitcher Plant Flower

Soda Straw Stalactites  

The caverns were 8 rooms of beautiful formations with low tunnels to duck through to each room.

Wedding Cake and Organ formation

Red Admiral

Heading north we stayed at Wind Creek State Park in Alabama.  Camped on a beautiful lake and found many birds and other flora and fauna.
Martin Colony

Sweet Gum Flower and Seed Cluster

Northern Cricket Frog

Spider Egg Case

Question Mark Butterfly

Snapping Turtle

Gorgeous full moon over the water at Lake Murphyboro State Park in Tennessee.  Next morning as we drove early we saw the full lunar eclipse in the clear skies.

Onward, northward to Wisconsin; which we reached on Easter morning.  Birding familiar "haunts" again.

Until next time,  Love & Prayers,
Ida & Ty Baumann

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