Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Rain Forest - Costa Rica Part 2

Descending out of the cool Cloud Forest into the hot,humid rain forest, following along the Pacific Ocean coastal road, we would be spending the next three nights on the Osa Peninsula at the Bosque del Rio Tigre Lodge.  We made many stops along the way for new birds such as these tropical Scarlet Macaws.

Little Tinamou at lodge eating rice

The road narrowed until it was not much more than a gravel path.  We knew there was a river crossing involved at a village.  Way too much water was flowing, we parked and waited as our hosts came across and took us over in their large vehicle.
Orange-billed Sparrow

Cherrie's Tanager

This "eco-lodge" was complete open air which we thoroughly enjoyed.  No windows, really no walls, except for the semi-private bedrooms with mosquito netting covering the beds.  Being the last quests of the season has it's advantages, the four of us; Troy, Carmen, Ty and I were the only ones there.
Wasp nest


At dawn, our guide/host took us on our first adventure,  Toucans, Aracaris, Boat-billed Herons, 40 species, most of them lifers.  Amazing!!
Blue Ground Doves, female is brown

8 foot long Boa Constrictor near the trail

Gartered Trogon

Into our boots or water shoes for the afternoon walk as we crossed the river several times.  We had the company of the "Jesus Christ Lizards" the Basilisk scurried across the top of the water.  Ringed, Green and Amazon Kingfishers were along the bank.  Four different Trogons, Tanagers, Antshrikes and many others.
Poison Dart Frog

Troy & Carmen searching for frogs

During the night we could hear the Howler Monkeys high on the surrounding mountains.  A Spectacled Owl called early and the Blue-crowned Motmots were our alarm clock.  A special walk into the dark jungle for poisonous frogs and snakes took special care.  Another great day of wildlife watching.
Green Poison Arrow Frog

Eyelash Viper coiled high in the tree

Blue-crowned Motmot

Cashew fruit - note "nut" below fruit

American Pygmy Kingfisher (5" long)

Golden-naped Woodpecker bringing home lunch

Basilisk visits banana feeder (over 3 feet long)

Greater White-lined Bats

Rainy season was about to begin and thunderstorms came as rain poured on the tin roof all night.  Other critters joined us inside the lodge: bats, scorpions, wood roaches and lizards.
White-throated Crake

Scorpion on the hammock rope

Spectacled Caiman 

Strange looking caterpillar 

Five inch long Wood Roach making itself at home

Fiery-billed Aracari

After our last morning walk, we packed up for the ride to our next destination along the Pacific Coast and the Lowland Forest.

Until Part 3,
Awesome trip seeing so much more of God's creation.    Ty & Ida Baumann

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  1. What an overwhelming abundance and variety of species.